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UNICO is a non-political, humanitarian, non-religious, non-political, non-commercial, consortium of volunteers, attorneys, lawyers, sociologists and psychologists, consultants and volunteers from Amnesty International, founded in 2015 in the United States. It also serves by internationally active branches in Canada, Austria, Germany, Australia, and Turkey, sponsored by united sponsors and volunteer juridical and natural persons. The organization has started its activities in Turkey in 2017.

UNICO`s purpose is to support, improve and empower Persian-speaker immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees from the beginning of immigration to destination.


Our perspective is to improve the ability to prevent social and psychological harm, convergence and socialization of Persian-speaking immigrants and asylum seekers with the community in which they have applied for asylum or are their destination country.

UNICO will be a reliable and facilitator of the migration process, which will help migrants, so that every Persian-speaker immigrant would carry positive tags around the world as ambassadors in various scientific, research and social and start up areas.


  • Empowering Farsi-speaking immigrants in their daily life
  • Positive interaction of Farsi-speaking immigrants with the countries accepting immigrants
  • Helping immigrants to play important roles in the destination community while residing outside their homeland
  • Informing immigrants and refugees of relevant rules according to UNHCR
  •  To motivate and increase life expectancy rate to improve the life quality and mental health of the immigrants
  • Assistance to Persian-speaking  immigrant who are in need
  • Culturalization for convergence as well as for the enhancement and unification of Persian-speaking immigrants and asylum seekers
  • To establish a voluntary human rights department sponsoring and supporting Persian-speaking immigrants
  •  Relevant NEWS agency , UNI NEWS, to let the immigrants get informed of their rights and other related NEWS
  •  To discover talented people an new ideas , with the aim of increasing the impact of asylum seekers and Farsi-speaking immigrants in the international community.
  •  To establish a Educational Academy in the field of counseling and assistance in the field of social work and immigration
  • Creation of a bridge and interaction with relevant organizations and institutions in the field of refugee protection
  • Special attention to the mental health of the vulnerable group, especially children and women
  • To publish motivating and educational podcasts with the aim of reducing stress and facilitating socialization
  • Conducting various competitions and related helpful courses

Activities and missions of the organization:

  • To create effective media and symposium; Conduct conferences and charity events; Conduct research, educational and strategic conferences on life process improvement Persian-speaking immigrants and asylum seekers and interaction with immigrant countries.
  • Uni magazine e-publication, Sending messages, articles, and to reflect life issues and social interactions, to introduce successful immigrants and …
  • Setting up the Uni TV channel in order to reflect Persian-speaking Immigrants` lives ,And their cultural and social life challenges
  • Providing free services in the areas of legal counseling and psychology, individual excellence, business, entrepreneurship, startups and legal immigration.
  • Providing social services, international consular and diplomatic services.
  • Providing assistance, treatment, support, livelihoods.
  • Assistance in setting up group business with the cooperation of Persian-speaking immigrants and asylum seekers, and receiver countries.

Organizational Bodies

Members of the founding board of the organization:

Based on the goals set forth in the statute, the organization has five members whose duties of every natural and juridical member of the first forum is listed in the statutes.

Assembly: A meeting is held annually or in important cases, and its tasks are confirmed by the provisions of the Constitution and important issues that are formed by the presence of two-thirds of the members of the Assembly. The subject of these meetings is the presentation of the Secretary-General’s annual reports, the selection of the Central Council, the Inspector and the alternate members . The Assembly shall be convened by the Central Council every two years or whenever necessary or by the resignation of the Secretary.

Central Council: Directors; they collaborate with the organization where the secretary is elected from among them. Including 5 members, they have the responsibility to co-operate with the secretary to achieve the goals of the organization.

UNico Alternate member:

The sixth person is chosen to replace that person in case of the resignation of any member of the Central Council.


Systematic overseeing the organization’s activities towards the expected goals.

 the Secretary-General:

The executive director of the organization’s activities and responsible for the achievement of the goals set forth in the statute. With full authority, managers can choose departments and deputies and manage the organization’s performance.

Legal / Social Adviser / Media / Business Consultant:

 Assign honorary members and accompany the secretary of the organization as adviser and provide services to clients in the areas of mental health, legal issues, start ups and more.

The media and event assistant generally covers the secretary’s communications duties and serves as a senior system consultant:

  • Media Policy
  • Reporting activities
  • Get participation and engagement with effective NEWS and media
  • To reflect activities tailored to the goals set for the purpose of attracting more targeted audiences.
  • Media programs and messaging.
  • Determine how to connect with communities and organizations

 The deputy director of education:

The deputy director of education is involved in both systemic and outsourcing education and works on system activities, improving the efficiency of the activities of the members of the organization and designing courses in order to align and converge effective group activities.

 Financial Delegation:

 overseeing the financial system of the organization and preparing and compiling financial reports, planning a system to equip the organization’s financial resources

Department of Public Relations, International relations:

 The UNico organization directs communications with the media, as well as the task of organizing a NEWS conference and conducting surveys, planning for the effective communication of the members of the organization, and planning and implementing various projects aimed at interacting with The organizations are both aligned and goal-oriented.

Department of finding and Recruiting of Spiritual and Financial Sponsors:

This section, with the help of other departments and the formation of headquarters on occasions, is steadily taking on the attraction of the financial and spiritual sponsors of the system and can, in various ways, aim to establish joint plans with Other organizations are opposed to sponsoring. Advertising placement and project valuation are done by this department.

Branch Officers and Delegations:

 Establishing branches and agencies around the world by the Deputy, Planning and Supervision.

 Legal Department:

 It is composed of lawyers and volunteers who work with legal professionals in the field of legal advice and counseling.

Department of Business and Creativity: In this department, the ideas of asylum seekers and immigrants are organized and after evaluation and valuation, implementation of the ideas is carried out in accordance with the goals of the organization and their planning and support are being implemented.

Ideas are being recorded by lawyers at the Department of Law, and registered in the name of the idea-owner, the department is interacting in finding investors and also plays a role as an accelerator in the process of creating startups. Accompanying this section will lead to positive interaction between members, educators and citizens of the receiver community in the projects.

Juridical members/natural members/ Honorary members Delegation Department: This department is engaged in attracting members and organizing effective, juridical,natural and honorary honorary memberships.

 Natural members: Personally and voluntarily collaborate with the organization. By requesting membership and approval of the secretary, they are eligible to vote at the forum and can work in the department according to their background and skill.

Juridical members: It is composed of registered companies and companies that can co-operate with the organization in accordance with the objectives of the system as a juridical member and as a service provider to target audiences.

 Honorary Members: It is made up of reputable, experienced and experienced individuals who contribute to the goals of the organization as adviser to the organization’s secretary.

 Department of Medical social work, Psychological Consulting and Mental Health:

 Incorporates mental health activists who, in accordance with the importance of mental health and the consequences of immigration damages, contribute to the objectives of the organization, in accordance with the objectives of the statute in counseling to clients.

  • In case of the dissolution of the Organization, its assets will be allocated to the ASAM Organization after being settled.


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